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Arts Row Team - Todd Soito(non-registered)
I found you on Instagram and have to say I like that you also love beer! Great images. Thanks for sharing. Check us out and post to artsrow.com for free. It's a new artist site. We help people find artists like you by location. All the best and keep up the awesome work! Todd
Kimberly Gould(non-registered)
Love your work and curious where you take all your photos and what kind of camera/lens you use. You are a great inspiration to me and I'm one of your MANY followers on IG!!! Always enjoy!!!!
Jo Tomlinson(non-registered)
Thank you very much for sharing your special talent. Your photographs are beautiful, stunning, inventive, interesting and unique.
My youngest daughter is very keen on photography and uses the camera on her mobile constantly. For Christmas we bought her a Nikon bridge camera. She takes it everywhere and snaps everything from the English countryside to her walk to school and even a trip to the shops.
Joy Larimore(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing your gift of photography. I love that you want the animals to look AT YOU. Animal photographers have a unique challenge/enjoyment. There's nothing like being out in God's creation and admiring it. I'd rather shovel manure any day than do paperwork. I also enjoy taking pictures of critters. In general, animals are so much easier to work with than people.
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Joely Flegler(non-registered)
We loved looking at your photographs!! Lilly loved the horse pictures, Jake was thrilled with the snakes, "whoa" was used a few times. I loved the beer segment(and landscapes and animals). We all loved the smiling goat!! Great photographs, wicked sense of humor!! We miss the Johnson's!
Triplepdogs (instagrammer)(non-registered)
Just wanted to say how much I admire your photographs and how much I enjoy your humour.
Heidi Roos(non-registered)
Instagrammer (hoos reidi), follower, fan of your work. Just saying hi.
Neil Donald @Neily39 ;-)(non-registered)
Great collection of some of the best natural photography's I've seen in a long time, keep it up and all the best...
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